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Playland Amusement Park, Beach & Pool

City of Rye

Westchester County

10580, Rye, NY, family amusement park, rides for children and adults, free entertainment, beach, pool, boardwalk, pier on scenic Long Island Sound, lake boating, picnic area, mini golf, indoor ice-skating, amusement park Playland Amusement Park, Beach & Pool

Playland Amusement Park and Pool, located at 100 Playland Parkway, Rye, NY 10580 in southern Westchester County, is a Metro New York family amusement park and entertainment center. Featuring more than fifty rides for children and adults, Playland also offers free entertainment and has a beach, pool, boardwalk, and pier on scenic Long Island Sound, lake boating, picnic area, mini-golf and indoor ice-skating.Playland Amusement Park is America's only government owned and operated amusement park.

Things To Do at Playland Amusement Park aka Rye Playland.

From Playland: "Playland's location on the shores of Long Island Sound already had a long history as a favorite recreation area of the local population by 1927. According to an early report of the Westchester County Park Commission, the area evolved rapidly as the population increased, until in the late 1800s fancy resorts were already giving way to bawdy hotels and rowdy amusement areas, attracting unsavory crowds. Angry local residents petitioned the Commission to purchase and redevelop the area. To create Playland the Commission purchased and razed two theme parks on the site, Rye Beach and Paradise Park.

"Frank W. Darling was president of the L.A. Thompson Scenic Railway Company at Coney Island when he was tapped by the Westchester County Park Commission to construct, operate and manage Playland. By then (1927) Darling had constructed amusement parks in New Zealand, at the British Empire Exposition in Wembley, and at the Modern Art Exposition in Paris, and was well known as an old amusement man, in experience, but not in years or enthusiasm.

"Darling's execution included a balanced, planned layout with the beauty of the architectural form evidenced in all buildings. Artists designed special panels on buildings; lighting was good but subdued; an integrated music system was installed to send out favorite melodies by Sousa, Wagner and Berlin over the entire area; landscaping was carefully planned and executed. The day after Labor Day, 1927, over 1,000 men began construction. Work was finished in time for the scheduled opening on May 26, 1928. Visiting experts immediately declared Playland to be one of the finest recreational centers of its kind in the country.

"Frank Darling continued as Director of Playland for several more years and completed additional projects such as the Olympic-size pool, increased boardwalk concessions, an indoor ice skating rink, a scenic railway, and additional restaurants and picnic areas."

Historic Site
"Opened in 1928, this is the first totally planned amusement park in America, and was designed specifically to accommodate automobile travelers. After more than 50 years, its Art Deco design and architecture remain essentially unaltered, and it has served as a prototype for contemporary theme parks. Several of the park's original rides, including the Dragon Roller Coaster, still operate and are of major individual significance because of their rarity."

Kiddyland, Family rides, and Thrill rides offer many handicap accessible rides.
    Things To Do
    Family rides
    Thrill rides

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    Summer Activities
    Birthday Parties at Playland Beach & Pool
    Swimming pool

    Winter Activities
    Ice Rentals
    Party Nights
    Playland Skating School
    Public Skating

      Ice Skating
      Adult Skate
      Family Skate Nights
      Figure Skating Lessons
      Freestyle Skating

      Ice Hockey
      Child Puck Time
      Hockey Lessons

Wheelchair Accessible
Accessible indicates that, to the extent practicable, this facility or activity meets the Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility standards. It is strongly recommended that you contact the facility in advance for a full description of facilities.

Location: Rye

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