V. E. Macy Park | Irvington-on-Hudson Westchester County New York
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V. E. Macy Park


Westchester County

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V. E. Macy Park is a 172-acre park centrally located at Saw Mill River Road, Irvington, New York. The park is actually divided into three distinct areas with slightly different atmospheres. One part functions as a local park with ballfields, a playground, comfort station and picnic pavilion. Another includes Woodlands Lake, fishing, ice skating, access to the South County Trailway, and 500 feet of the former Putnam Division Railroad. The final area is largely undeveloped.

The Great Hunger Memorial ďA section of V. E. Macy Park has been renamed so that the history of the Irish who fled to Westchester in the 1840s to escape poverty and famine will never be forgotten".

Point of Interest: The Great Hunger Memorial

Things To Do
Great Hunger Memorial

    Winter Activities
    Cross-country Skiing
    Ice Skating

Location: Irvington-on-Hudson

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